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The Health Department's Environmental Health Service is committed to enhancing the quality of our environment, promoting a safe and healthy community for Lawrence County residents and surrounding areas. We seek to serve the needs of the rural community by providing essential environmental health services designed to ensure people can work, raise families, recreate, and grow without the threat of foodborne, or vector borne disease and to protect and preserve environmental resources such as earth, water, air, fauna, and flora. We work to improve the health of our environment by promoting collaboration and education.

Areas of focus

  • A Food Protection Program that includes intensive food service manager training, food establishment plan review, regulatory inspections, site specific specialized employee training and required enforcement actions.
  •  A General Environmental Program that includes liaison with federal, state and local government agencies, regulation of public swimming pools, tourist establishments and the investigation of environmental complaints. Included with this element are many training courses offered to the public in subjects pertaining to environmental health.
  • A Private Well Program that includes subdivision plan review, site feasibility studies, system design, regulatory inspections, sanitary surveys and required enforcement actions.
Lawrence County Health Department
Lawrence County Health Department

services offered

  • Environmental Negligence Reporting
  • Food Service Inspections and Permits
  • Mosquito Control Through Vector Program
  • Referral Services
  • Septic System Inspections and Permits
  • Water Testing
  • Water Well Inspections and Permits

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